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Crime on the Bay

Crime on the Bay On Wednesday January 10, 2018 - "Crime on the Bay" - Mary-Beth Brophy, Ocean County College

Join The Tuckerton Seaport, in conjunction with the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Reserve, every 2nd Wednesday of the month for our Lunch n' Learn Series from September to May at 9:30 and 12:30. Entrance into a Lunch n' Learn session is $2.00 per person at the door, if you bring lunch or $6.00 if you take advantage of our lunch option at 12:30. (Registration is required for lunch option two days in advance.)

Did you know that the advent of oyster planting in the waterways around Tuckerton led to both murder and a Supreme Court ruling? That a cache of bootleg liquor seized in 1923 prompted on Ocean County Sheriff to accuse his predecessor of embezzlement? That the Keeper of the Little Egg Coast Guard Station (now the Marine Field Station) was court-martialed for colluding with rum runners as a result of a confesion he claimed was coerced? That there is some truth to the legend of the Barnegat Pirates? Join storyteller Mary-Beth Brophy for an hour of tales about what happened when the goverment sought to control how baymen in around Little Egg Harbor could use the ocean.

Call (609) 296-8868 for more information or to register.

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