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In the Spring of 1979, two clammers found a vacant 25'x40' shack on the Boulevard in Surf City. It was then that they decided it was time to stop selling their hard earned clams to the" other guy" and become a dealer, a New Jersey certified clam dealer! They needed a name for this new business and after tossing around different ideas, they said, "Hey, we sell clams and we're on the Boulevard. How about Boulevard Clams?" And Boulevard Clams was born. Two weeks later, Boulevard Clams opened with four milk crates, fans and a little metal box for the cash. Obtaining our shellfish license allowed us to buy clams from other diggers. All clams that are sold must be bought from a certified clam dealer. We are NJ - 12 -SS. We are the 12th Certified dealer in the state of New Jersey. Shortly after receiving the license we were buying 15,000 to 20,000 clams a day. We shipped the majority of clams to major markets on the East coast and then sold the excess in the new store. Soon, people began to request some local fish, scallops and shrimp. As more products were added, equipment was updated and we soon became a seafood market. In 1983, we more than doubled the floor space and expanded the seafood market, added a dining room and kitchen, which is the modern day footprint for Boulevard Clams. Being a family owned business, our kids grew up spending their summers at the shore and working at the store. Our young son, Neil, began his first job counting and sorting clams, as well as using the clam grader. He thought this was a great job because all young boys love "playing" with machines. Alexia, our younger daughter, thought that it was fun to be a very tiny waitress. Thirty-four years later, our son, Neil is still actively involved with our daily operations. Alexia has moved on to her career and young family. Now the third generation of our family can't wait to be at the shore and help Poppy with the clams and lobsters. Throughout the years, we have dedicated ourselves to bring you the freshest seafood available. Thanks to your overwhelming support, we have become one of LBI's favorite local hangouts. Thirty-four years ago we were known for our clams. However, now we have become known for so much more, thanks to you, our most valued resource. Boulevard Clams will be closing for the season three weeks after Labor Day.


*July 2014 Star Ledger - Voted "Top Dog"

*July 2014 Beachcomber- "Boulevard Clams exemplifies treasured seafood markets of LBI."

*August 2014 NJ monthly Named a "quick bites" in "the best restaurants issue"

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