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The Chicken or the Egg first opened its doors on Memorial Day Weekend, 1991. The idea was hatched by a few hungry, adventurous young men with big dreams and empty pockets. The original "Egg" was a small but quaint little luncheonette located next-door to the Beach Haven landmark " Bill's Barber Shop." And even though Bill "Scrimmer the Trimmer" Scrimmer has since retired, his legend lives on at The Chicken or the Egg's current location. Bill's original sign hangs inside the restaurant as a constant reminder of its humble beginnings and the importance of customer service. Bill still eats breakfast at the "Egg" every morning just as he did that fateful day in 1991. So, when the "Egg" quickly outgrew its shell, Bill and the rest of the regulars followed Mark, Craig and crew across the street to a new location in 1993. The bigger venue afforded a bigger menu which continues to grow today. When we boast that there is something for everyone, it's not without merit. There are classic items and ones that are completely original and unique. And then there are the wings... A lot of places talk a good buffalo wing, but the "Chegg" as it is now commonly known, truly delivers. The wings are big, juicy and available in 15 sauces, both Original Breaded, or Naked. The Chicken or the Egg has become know locally and Nationally for these big beauties. And best of all, the whole menu (breakfast too) is available 24 hours a day (in season). But for us, it's not just about the food. It's about family. It's about camaraderie. It' s about good times. So come io in and join the family. Join the fun. You'll be happy you did. Oh, and sorry about the lines. People dig us. But it' s worth the wait!

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