My LBI Life

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Love LBI Life

"Love LBI Life" submitted by an anonymous mobile app user. While on the boat, in the car and on bicycles; everyone has had a lot of fun this summer sharing their LBI Life.


Our Last Sunset

"Our Last Sunset" submitted by an anonymous LBI Life fan. Don't forget to take in your bayside sunset of this summer at your favorite place on the island.


Mud Shuttle

Old Causeway Mud City Mud Shuttle

Plan ahead before you celebrate this weekend. At Mud City and the Old Causeway, customers can call or text for a ride to their restaurants on the new courtesy shuttle! Text the Captain for a Ride (609) 713-0451


Big Eye

"Big Eye" submitted by Bobby. Fishing, selfies, family photos, parties and while on the boat; LBI Life Fans are having fun sharing photos! Share your LBI Life all year long! Upload your favorite LBI moments today and you'll see them tomorrow in one of our photo gallery pages.


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