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Bait & Tackle

Bait & Tackle Street Phone
Allens Dock Bait and Tackle 5698 US Route 9 609-296-5660
American Sportsman 857 Mill Creek Road 609-597-4104
Barnegat Bay Bait and Tackle 451 E Bay Avenue 609-488-5692
Fish Bonz Bait and Tackle 103 Lacey Road 609-971-2928
Fishermans Headquarters 280 West 9th Street (609) 494-5739
Grizz's Forked River Bait and Tackle 232 N Main St 609-693-9298
Jingles Bait and Tackle 1214 Long Beach Blvd
Scott's Bait and Tackle 945 Radio Road (609) 296-1300
Surf City Bait and Tackle Shop 317 Long Beach Blvd 609-494-2333
Tonys Bait and Tackle 1347 East Bay Avenue 609-597-7250
Tuckerton Bait and Tackle 338 S Green Street 609-294-8365
Viking Outfitters W 19th St and Bayview Ave 609-361-9111
West Creek Bait and Tackle 387 RT 9 609-857-3516

Bay Beaches

Bay Beaches Street Phone
Arlington Bay Beach 14th Street & Bay Terrace 609-494-1614
Barnegat Bay Beach 370 Bayshore Drive
Barnegat Light Bay Beach 25th St. & Bayview 609-494-9196
Bayview Bay Beach 68th St. & Long Beach Blvd 609-361-1000
Beach Haven Bay Beach Taylor Avenue 609-492-0111
Beach Haven Terrace Bay Beach West Pennsylvania Ave 609-361-1000
Beach Haven West Bay Beach 1199 Jennifer Lane
Harvey Cedars Bay Beach 75th Street 609-494-2843
LBI Region 101 Long Beach Blvd
Parkertown Public Bay Beach 300 Dock Steet
Surf City Bay Beach 16th St. & Barnegat Avenue 609-494-3064
Tuckerton Green Street Beach 1250 South Green Street

Beach Access Ramps

Beach Access Ramps Street Phone
Barnegat Light 29th St Beach Ramp 29th Street 609-494-9196
Barnegat Light 9th St Beach Ramp 9th Street 609-494-9196
Beach Haven 12th St Beach Ramp 12th Street 609-492-0111
Beach Haven 5th St Beach Ramp 5th Street 609-492-0111
Beach Haven Berkley Ave Beach Ramp Berkley Avenue 609-492-0111
Beach Haven Center St Beach Ramp Center Street 609-492-0111
Beach Haven Essex Ave Beach Ramp Essex Avenue 609-492-0111
Beach Haven Jefferies Ave Beach Ramp Jefferies Avenue 609-492-0111
Beach Haven Kentford Ave Beach Ramp Kentford Avenue 609-492-0111
Beach Haven Park 100th St Beach Ramp 100th Street
Beach Haven Pearl St Beach Ramp Pearl Street 609-492-0111
Beach Haven Pelham Ave Beach Ramp Pelham Ave 609-492-0111
Beach Haven Taylor Ave Beach Ramp Taylor Avenue 609-492-0111
Brant Beach 37th St Beach Ramp 37th Street 609-361-1000
Brant Beach 39th St Beach Ramp 39th Street 609-361-1000
Brant Beach 47th St Beach Ramp 47th Street 609-361-1000
Brant Beach 58th St Beach Ramp 58th Street 609-361-1000
Brant Beach 63rd St Beach Ramp 63rd Street 609-361-1000
Brant Beach 68th St Beach Ramp 68th Street 609-361-1000
Harvey Cedars 80th St Beach Ramp 80th Street
Holgate Ave Beach Ramp Holgate Avenue
Holgate Joshua Ave Beach Ramp Joshua Avenue
Holgate Mckinley Ave Beach Ramp Mckinley Avenue
Holgate Roosevelt Ave Beach Ramp Roosevelt Ave
Holgate Tebco Terrace Beach Ramp Tebco Terrace
Ship Bottom 14th St Beach Ramp 14th Street
Ship Bottom 15th St Beach Ramp 15th Street
Ship Bottom 19th St Beach Ramp 19th Street
Ship Bottom 20th St Beach Ramp 20th Street
Ship Bottom 4th St Beach Ramp 4th Street
Ship Bottom 7th St Beach Ramp 7th Street
Ship Bottom 8th St Beach Ramp 8th Street
Ship Bottom 9th St Beach Ramp 9th Street
Surf City 12th St Beach Ramp 12th Street

Bicycle/Beach Gear Rentals

Bicycle/Beach Gear Rentals Street Phone
Acme Beach and Bike - Beach Haven 2613 East 27th Street 609-492-6522
Acme Beach and Bike - Brighton Beach 8401 Long Beach Boulevard, 609-492-5150
Bicycles Unlimited 407 Lacey Rd 609-971-6220
Briggs Bicycles 8401 Long Beach Blvd 609-492-1143
Farias Surf - Ship Bottom 2810 Long Beach Blvd 609-494-5798
Surf Buggy Bikes 1414 Long Beach Blvd 609-361-3611
Surf Unlimited Beach and Bikes 1820 Long Beach Boulevard 609-494-3555
The Boardwalk 2306 Bay Avenue 609-492-3298
Village Bicycles 122 East Main Street 609-296-4100
Walters Bicycles 418 Long Beach Blvd 609-494-1991

Boat & Marine Supplies

Boat & Marine Supplies Street Phone
Lacey Marine 308 Route 9 South 609-693-0151
The Boat Shop 756 East Bay Avenue 609-597-1271

Boat Ramps

Boat Ramps Street Phone
Barnegat Light Public Boat Ramp Bayview Avenue & 10th Street 609-494-9196
Barnegat Municipal Dock and Boat Ramp 500 East Bay Avenue
Beach Haven Public Boat Ramp Boat Ramp Drive & 9th Street 609-492-0111
Causeway Boats 2200 E Bay Ave 609-494-1371
Hance and Smythe 1225 East Bay Avenue 609-597-7813
Maritime-Marina 470 South Green Street 609-294-9090
Munros Marina 124 East Anchor Drive 609-296-8202
Parkertown Public Dock 300 Dock Steet
Rands Boats 600 Great Bay Blvd 609-296-4457
Ricks Marina 222 Marine Plaza 609-693-2134
Ship Bottom Public Ramp 10th Street Waterfront Park 609-494-9819
Skinners Marina Bartlett Avenue 609-296-3051
Surf City Municipal Ramp 299 Division Street 609-494-3064
Townsends Marina 221 Lacey Road East 609-693-6100
West Creek Public Dock 600 Cedar Run Dock Road 609-296-1186

Boat Rentals

Boat Rentals Street Phone
Captain Mike's Boat Rentals 630 Great Bay Blvd 609-296-4406
Causeway Boat Rentals 2200 E Bay Ave 609-494-1371
Harvey Cedars Marina Boat Rental 6318 Long Beach Blvd 609-494-0111
Holgate H2O Sports 83 Tebco Terrace 609-492-1342
Polly's Docks and Rowboats 112 North West Avenue 609-492-2194
Townsends' Marina 221 Lacey Road East 609-693-6100
Van's Boat Rentals 801 Bayview Avenue 609-494-2447


Camping Street Phone
Atlantic City North Campground 450 Ishmael Road 609-296-9163
Baker's Acres Campground 230 Willets Avenue 609-296-1990
Sea Pirate Campground 148 Main Street 609-296-7400

Charter Boats

Charter Boats Street Phone
Captain Daves Charters 302 West Avenue 609-492-2517
Carolyn Ann III 18th Street 609-693-4281
Hot Tuna 525 2nd Street 609-384-0877
Reel Fantasea Charters 451 E. Bay Avenue 609-290-1217
Spare Time Charters 104 E-29th Street 609-494-5967

Golf Courses (Public)

Golf Courses (Public) Street Phone
Mays Landing Golf and Country Club 1855 Cates Road 609-641-4411
Ocean Acres Golf Course 925 Buccaneer Lane 609-597-9393
Ocean County Golf Course at Atlantis 261 County Club Boulevard 609-296-2444
Sea Oaks Golf Course 99 Golf View Drive 609-296-2656


Kayak/SUP Street Phone
Acme Surf and Sport Kayak/SUP 8401 Long Beach Boulevard 609-492-5150
Micks Canoe and Kayak Rental 3107 Route 563 800-281-1380
New Jersey Kayak 409 East Bay Ave 609-698-4440
Route 72 Waverunner and Kayak 2390 East Bay Avenue 609-361-7147
Sea Pirate Kayak Rentals 148 Main Street 609-296-7400
Surf Unlimited SUP 1820 Long Beach Boulevard 609-494-3555
West Creek Kayak and Canoe 224 Main Street 609-296-3030


Marinas Street Phone
Allen's Dock 5698 US Route 9 609-296-5660
Baker's Basin Marina Baltic Ave 732-504-5196
Barlets Marina 485 E Bay Avenue 609-698-7771
Bay Haven Marina 2702 Long Beach Blvd 609-492-3518
Beach Haven Yacht Club Marina Engleside Avenue 609-492-9101
Bob's Bay Marina 459 East Bay Ave. 609-698-7264
Bobbies Boats W 7th Street 609-494-1345
Brant Beach Yacht Club 6106 Bayview Ave 609-494-4485
Captain Mike's Boats 630 Great Bay Blvd 609-296-4406
Causeway Marina 2200 E Bay Ave 609-494-1371
Cedar Cove Marina 458 S Green Street 609-296-2066
D and S Marine Service 460 Dock Road 609-296-0309
East Bay Marina 493 E Bay Avenue 609-698-3746
Eastern Marine 1400 Waverly Avenue 609-492-1118
Eric's Bait and Boats 9th Street 609-494-2447
Escape Harbor Marina 7 W 32nd Street 609-492-9108
Forked River State Marina 311 South Main Street 609-693-5045
Garabo's Marina 311 Dock Road 609-492-0885
Great Bay Marina 45 Montana Drive 609-296-2392
H.W. Howe Marina 312 Delaware Avenue 609-492-6461
Hagler's Marina 4114 Long Beach Blvd 609-494-4509
Hance and Smythe Marina 1225 East Bay Avenue 609-597-7813
Harvey Cedars Marina 6318 Long Beach Blvd 609-494-0111
High Bar Harbour Yacht Club 35 Sunset Blvd 609-494-8801
Hochstrasser's Marina 401 West 8th Street 609-494-5340
Holgate Marina 83 Tebco Terrace 609-492-0191
Holiday Beach Club Lighthouse Drive 609-693-3186
Island Marina 3110 Long Beach Blvd 609-494-6281
Kellys Boat Rentals 8th Street & Bayview Avenue 609-494-1520
Key Harbor Marina 2 Point Road 609-693-9355
Lagoon View Yacht Club 5 Forest Drive 609-971-5705
Leaming's Marina 91 Marine Road 609-971-1514
Lighthouse Marina 705 6th & Bay Ave 609-494-2305
Lindy's Boat Basin 5310 S West Ave
Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club 401 Berkeley Ave 609-492-2529
Long Key Marina and Yacht Club 104 Main Street 609-693-9444
Magley's G.E.B. Marina 338 S. Green Street 609-892-1590
Marina at Barnegat Light 1501 Bayview Avenue 609-494-6611
MarineMax Brant Beach 20 West 44th 888-483-0840
Mariner's Marina 475 East Bay Avenue 609-698-1222
Maritime Marina 470 South Green Street 609-294-9090
Mordecai Boat Basin 500 Liberty Avenue 609-492-5201
Morrison's Marina 525 2nd St 609-492-2150
Munro's Marina 124 East Anchor Drive 609-296-8202
Mystic Island Marina 1091 Radio Road 609-812-9599
Nolan's Marina 364 Dock Road 609-296-5435
Polly's Dock and Rowboats 112 North West Avenue 609-492-2194
Rand's Boats 600 Great Bay Blvd 609-296-4457
Rick's Marina 222 Marine Plaza 609-693-2134
Robbie's Loveladies Marina 9 Lighthouse Way 609-494-4801
Schimpf's Marina Great Bay Blvd 609-296-6227
Shelter Harbor Marina 1000 Bay Avenue 609-492-8645
Sherers Boat Basin 482 East Bay Avenue 609-698-0463
Ship Bottom Marine Center 2601 Central Avenue 609-494-8100
Silver Cloud Harbor Marina 107 Bay Avenue 609-693-2145
Skinner's Marina Bartlett Avenue 609-296-3051
Southwick's Marina 32nd Street & Bayfront 609-492-5191
Southwinds Harbour Marina 362 East Lacey Road 609-693-6288
Sportsman's Marina 20th Street & Bay Ave 609-492-7931
Spray Beach Yacht Club 23rd Street & Bay Ave 609-492-6845
Stan's Marine Center 101 Baltic Avenue 609-693-7600
Sun Harbor Bay Club 451 East Bay Ave 609-698-0900
Sunset Marina 3110 Long Beach Blvd 609-361-1400
Surf City Marina 325 South 1st Street 609-494-2200
Surf City Marina Showroom 337 8th Street 609-361-5200
Ted and Sons Forked River Marina 129 Bay Avenue 609-693-2185
The Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Club 420 N. Pennsylvania Ave 609-492-5263
The Boat Yard 8203 Bay Terrace 609-494-2095
The Marina Tall Oaks 107 Bay Avenue 609-693-2145
The Surf City Yacht Club 9th Street 609-494-1532
Tide's End Marina 148 Marine Plaza 609-693-9423
Townsend's Marina 221 Lacey Road East 609-693-6100
Tuckerton Marine Service Center 464 South Green Street 609-296-1820
Viking Yachting Center 5724 US Highway 9 609-296-2388
Watersports of Long Beach Island 3100 Long Beach Boulevard 609-494-2727
West Creek Marina 500 Dock Road 609-296-2715
Wilbert's Marina 101 Bay Avenue 609-693-2145

Parks & Natural Areas

Parks & Natural Areas Street Phone
Island Beach State Park Central Ave & 24th Ave 732-793-0030
A. Paul-King County Park 2 W. Bay Ave
Barnegat Light Skate Park 10 W. 10th St
Barnegat Light 25th Steet 25th Steet
Barnegat Light Bayfront Gazebo 7th Bay Avenue
Barnegat Lighthouse State Park 208 Broadway 609-494-2016
Bass River State Forest 762 Stage Road 609-296-1114
Batsto Village 31 Batsto Road 609-561-0024
Bayview Park 68th St. & Long Beach Blvd 609-361-1000
Braynt Road 101 Braynt Road
Cedar Lake Park 101 Parker Avenue
Cloverdale Farm County Park 34 Cloverdale Road
Clune Park 101 Sandy Hook Drive
Cranberry Festival Park Route 563
Doc Cramer Field McKinley Avenue
Double Trouble State Park Lacey Rd & Dover Rd
Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge 1000 Wildlife Dr. 609-652-1665
Eno's Pond County Park 330 East Lacey Road
Forked River Beach Park 101 Beach Boulevard
Freedom Fields County Park 874 County Route 539
Gazebo Park 350 Rt 9
Gille Park 102 Manchester Ave
Historic Smithville Park Smithville Road 609-265-5858
Holgate Inlet Park 1000 S Bay Ave - Long Beach Blvd
Huffy Wallis Memorial Park 101 Parkside Drive
Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Reserve 130 Great Bay Blvd 609-812-0649
Jones Road Park 90 Jones Road
Lacey Skate Park 102 Manchester Avenue
Manahawkin Lake Main Street
Mill-Creek Park 1239 Mill Creek Road
Ocean Acres Lighthouse Park 282 Lighthouse Drive
Ocean Acres Nautilus Park 401 Nautilus Drive
Ship Bottom Waterfront Park 10 Street and Shore Avenue
Stanley "Tip" Seaman-County Park 120 Lakeside Drive 609-296-5606
Sunset Park Harvey Cedars 70 West Salem Avenue
Sunset Park Ship Bottom 14th Street & Bay Terrace
Sunset Point Gazebo 13th Street and Bay
Surf City 7th St Beach 7th Street
Taylor Waterfront Park 830 North Bay Avenue
Twin Lake Circle Park 101 Deerhead Lake Drive
Veterans Bicentennial Park Beach Ave & Engleside Ave
Waretown Lake and Recreation Area 182 Wells Mills Road
Wells Mills County Park 905 Wells Mills Road 609-971-3085
William Hebrew Park 274 Manchester Avenue
Yoga on the Beach 80th Street


Skydive Street Phone
Skydive East Coast 100 Airport Road 609-294-5858

Surfing Beaches

Surfing Beaches Street Phone
14th Street Surf City 14th Street
Beach Haven Park - 99th 99th Steet
Brant Beach - 32nd 32nd Street
Brant Beach - 43rd 43rd Street
Brant Beach - 59th 59th Street
Brant Beach - 65th Street 65th Street
Brant Beach - 72nd 72nd Street
Brighton Beach - 85th 85th Street
Harvey Cedars - Hudson 101 Hudson Avenue
Holgate - Nelson Nelson Ave
Holyoke Holyoke Ave
North Beach Haven - 14th 14th Street
Peahala Park - 93rd 93rd Street
Spray Beach - 25th 25th Street
Surf City - 1st 101 1st Street
Surf City - 3rd 101 3rd Street
The Dunes -122nd 122nd Street

Surf Camp

Surf Camp Street Phone
Surf Unlimited Surf Camp 1820 Long Beach Boulevard 609-494-3555

Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons Street Phone
Brighton-Beach Surf Shop 8511 South Long Beach Boulevard 609-492-0342
Farias Surf Shop Taylor and Bay Avenue 609-492-0200
Surf Unlimited Surf Lessons 1820 Long Beach Boulevard 609-494-3555

Surf & Skate

Surf & Skate Street Phone
Acme Surf and Sport - Beach Haven 2613 East 27th Street 609-492-6522
Acme Surf and Sport - Brighton Beach 8401 Long Beach Boulevard 609-492-5150
Surf Unlimited 1820 Long Beach Boulevard 609-494-3555

Tennis/Basketball Courts

Tennis/Basketball Courts Street Phone
A. Paul King County Park 2 W. Bay Ave
Barnegat Light Courts 15 W 11th Street 609-494-9196
Beach Haven Public Courts Pearl St. & Bay Avenue 609-492-0111
Harvey Cedars Recreation 70 West Burlington Avenue 609-494-2843
Holgate Boro Field West Ave & Nelson Ave 609-361-1000
Jewish Community Center - LBI 2411 Long Beach Blvd 609-492-4090
Loveladies Tennis Court 101 Loveladies Lane 609-361-1000
Mill Creek Park 1239 Mill Creek Road
Stanley "Tip" Seaman County Park 120 Lakeside Drive 609-296-5606


Watersports Street Phone
Acme Sport - Kayak Rentals/Sales 8401 Long Beach Boulevard 609-492-5150
Beach Haven Parasail 2702 Long Beach Blvd 609-492-0375
Beach Haven Watersports 2702 Long Beach Boulevard 609-492-0375
H2O WaterSports 83 Tebco Terrace 609-492-1342
Horizon Sailing 3110 Long Beach Blvd 609-494-9393
LBI Parasail 6th Street & Bayview Avenue 609-361-6100
Micks Canoe and Kayak Rentals 3107 Route 563 800-281-1380
New Jersey Kayaks 409 East Bay Ave 609-698-4440
Pontoon Rides 26th Street 609-494-1212
Route 72 Waverunners and Kayak 2390 East Bay Ave 609-361-7147